Thursday, 11 December 2014

Planning a Business Trip to Brooklyn is Easier with Precise Information

People planning a business trip to Brooklyn in the near future should plan to take care of the serious stuff, but leave room to have a little fun, too. From conference halls to business suites, Brooklyn has plenty of options for a business trip. Just remember that location matters.

Location is what impresses the client. Location is what sets the stage for the big meeting where handshakes are given and contracts signed. Location is what gives people their confidence. It’s the backdrop to the big moments. Make them add up with a location insights app.

Where to go for Dinner

A location insights app uses the smartphone location to provide the best possible matches for searches such as “Best restaurant,” “Best burger,” and “Best pizza.” Above this even is the ability the app has to tell the user how many other people are expected at the restaurant. This is based off “check ins” either via Facebook, Squarespace, or some other location platform.

See a location insights app is able to pull from a variety of resources to give each user the most up to date information about a restaurant, bar, diner, or pub.  So when it comes time to take the client out for dinner or lunch, choosing the best business restaurant will be a snap.

How to Celebrate in Style

After the big deal goes through it will be time to celebrate, both with the client and alone. There are several good bars in Brooklyn and plenty of traditional pubs and ale houses

Having satellite information in the palm of their hand, smartphone users can know which restaurant and bar to go to, and what they can expect once they get there. For instance, the app Trist is a location insights app that is able to tell users how many people are there, what their gender ratio is, and how many young and old people are that are at the restaurant. This helps people know what to expect, how to dress, even how to behave.

The Safest Routes to Take
Brooklyn Nine Nine may seem to be a comedy, but safety in a big city is no joke. By knowing who will be there and what to expect, people can find the safest routes in Brooklyn to take. Will there be a lot of people there? What’s the economic status? Is crime prevalent in the area? Is it going to be dark and foggy out? Trist the location insights app can answer these questions which will lead to safer nights out in Brooklyn, New York.

Use a location insights app in Brooklyn to plan the best business trip possible. People will have the tools they need to ensure they will always be at the right place at the right time in Brooklyn.


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