Thursday, 24 December 2015

Four Reasons Why you Should use an App to Find Nearby Coffee Shops

When you want to grab a cup of coffee, use Trist. With Trist, it’s easy to find nearby coffee shops. Here’s why this app is the perfect choice for all coffee lovers.

It Saves you Time

If you want to quickly get your caffeine fix, Trist can help you. Just put your location into Trist, and the app will list all the nearby coffee shops. Then, you can search through and pick your favorite one. In just a few minutes, you’ll know where to go to get your coffee.

You’ll Always Pick the Best Place

Once you have a list of coffee shops, you can start comparing them. With Trist’s comparison feature, you can compare up to three coffee shops at a time. You’ll be able to see the coffee shops’ reviews, photos, hours, and trends. You can use this information to help you choose the best coffee shop.

You can Get Rewarded for your Patronage

When you’re looking at coffee shops’ pages, see if they have the Trist reward logo. If they do, this means that you’ll get rewarded for going there. To get your reward, leave your footprint on the coffee shop.

You can Show off all your Favorite Places

Have you found an amazing local coffee shop? Add it to your Trist list. By doing that, all of the people who follow you will learn about the coffee shop. The Trist list is also useful for you—it helps you keep all of your favorite venues organized. With Trist, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting the name of a venue again.

Trist is a great app for any coffee lover. This coffee shop locating app will help you choose the right coffee shop every time. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

An Event Finder App That’s Perfect for the Holidays and Any Day

Getting out and enjoying social activities is perfect for the holiday season, but it is also a very healthy activity for any time of the year.  Meeting friends or even finding new people at events can help you to overcome boredom and depression, and it just makes life a little bit easier. But finding some social activities can be more difficult. Using an event finder app can help you locate events and make plans for some social fun!

The Trist event finder app has many great features to get you out and about whenever you like:
  • Geo-location to find events that are near your location or near the place you will be traveling
  • Insider information on the venue including parking options, traffic, attendance, special features and more
  • News and special announcements about the event such as featured acts or last minute changes
  • Social media insights on people attending such as number of “likes”, trending subjects and more
  • Reviews about the venue and the event to give you an idea on what to expect
  • Start times and featured activities during the event, such as when the main attraction will begin
  • Weather information for the event so you will know how to dress and plan
  • Information on any entry fees or parking fees associated with the activity
  • Quick links to the event web site to register or buy tickets
  • Easy to use one-stop app gives you everything you need to decide on your activity and go have fun!

What if you would like to grab a quick bite or relax before or after the event?  Trist has the answer with a coffee shop finder app so you can have a nice warm sip of java before your social activities, and some quiet time after all the fun.

Trist delivers a great way to get out and socialize for the holidays or any time of the year!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Using an App to Find Nearby Coffee Shops

Are you new in town and trying to find a coffee shop? Just use Trist. Here’s how this coffee shop locator app helps you quickly find nearby coffee shops.

Trist uses your location

Trist is able to use your phone’s GPS location to find all of the coffee shops that are near you. You can then look through all of these places until you find the right coffee shop for you.

Trist has reviews of coffee shops

Once you have your list of coffee shops in the neighborhood, you should then look at user reviews. These reviews will help you decide if the coffee shop has the beverages that you’re looking for. You can also use the app’s comparison feature to compare the reviews of three coffee shops at once.

Trist offers information about coffee shop amenities

If you’re looking for a specific amenity in a coffee shop, check the coffee shop’s page. On this page, Trist lists if the coffee shop has Wi-Fi, if it’s good for kids, if they only take cash, and more. Trist has the answers to all of your questions.

Trist guides you to the coffee shop

After you decide on your coffee shop, Trist’s built-in locator will guide you right to the place’s front door. Before you know it, you’ll be in your chosen coffee shop, sipping on a delicious beverage. And remember to leave your footprint—this will show your friends that you were here.

Trist allows you to list favorite venues

If you liked the coffee shop, you can add it to your Trist List. This list lets you keep all of your favorite venues in one easy-to-reach location.

With Trist, you can easily find the closest coffee place. You’ll always make the right decision about where you’re getting your coffee when you use Trist.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Five Features Available on a Restaurant Locator App

When you’re going out for a meal, you should use a restaurant locator app like Trist to find a great place to eat. Here are some of the features available on a restaurant app.
 Information and Specials

Trist lists a variety of important information about its venues. This includes the restaurant’s parking situation, if it’s good for kids, if you can reserve a table in advance, if it’s cash only, if there’s outdoor seating, and more. You can use all the information to determine if the restaurant has the amenities that you need.


Often, when you’re trying to choose a restaurant, you’ll be torn between two or three places. If you’re in this situation, Trist’s comparison feature can help you. You can compare up to three restaurants at once, and you’ll be able to see their amenities, their photos, their user comments, and their trends. This can help you make the final decision about where to eat your meal.


On your app, you can set your preferences to help you find restaurants that will appeal to you. You can choose to sort restaurants by distance, check-ins, and photos. You can also choose to include the approximate capacity, the male/female ratio, the average age ratio, and the restaurant's rating in your search.

Built-in Locator

Once you find a restaurant you like, you can get directions to the place in your app. The app’s built-in locator will guide you directly to your chosen restaurant.

Favorites List

When you find a restaurant that you like, you can add it to your Trist list. This list helps you keep track of all the restaurants that you enjoyed eating at. You can also share the list with your friends to help them find great restaurants.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Looking for the Best Event Finder App for the Big Apple?

There are so many things going on in this city that it’s just about dizzying. There are sports, theater, museums, and cultural events galore. Then there are everything from wine tastings, to bowling tournaments, to concerts, rodeos, the circus, parades, and who knows what else. And don’t forget, in this city there are events going on 365 days a year. The problem is which ones would you like to attend, and how do you find about them in the first place? Well, you need the best app finder for local events. An app that will track down whatever it is you’re interested in and give you the information concisely, and up to the minute. What you need is the app that’s taking NYC by storm. It’s called Trist, the best event finder app in town. It’s easy to download and even easier to use. And once you do, you’ll never be without it.

What makes Trist so great?

For one thing it puts you in charge. Maybe you’re not too interested in going to a museum on Saturday afternoon, but you’d like to take in a folk music festival if one’s in town. No problem. Give Trist your criteria and it will go into action. If there’s a folk music festival going on, Trist will not only find it, but it will give you detailed information on who’s performing, the cost of tickets, plus time and location. Or perhaps you’re more interested in checking out any sports action that might be happening. Once again, Trist will cover you from soccer to swimming meets, plus anything else you might be interested in. And here’s the thing: Trist does it in real time, 24/7. The information you’ll find on Trist isn’t dated and old, it’s up to the minute. If it says something is happening, you’d better believe it! Is this the best event finder app ever? You bet it is!

And there’s more

If all Trist did was to find events, it would be worth its weight in gold. But events are just the beginning. Let’s say after Trist finds you the events you’ve been looking for, you decide you’d like to go out for dinner, or perhaps go to a bar or pub, maybe even go clubbing. Just turn to Trist and put in your criteria. Say you’d like some Italian cuisine. Trist will give you a number of options. It will also give you information on menus, prices, specials, and ratings. Again, unlike other apps, the information you’ll find on Trist is fresh, not outdated. Other apps may have information on there that’s weeks, or maybe months old. Not a good thing!

Here’s the thing to do

Go to and get the full story on this remarkable, versatile, event finder app. It will save you time, aggravation, and a whole lot more. Downloading takes just seconds, and then you’ll have everything that’s going on in New York City in the palm of your hand. Could anything be simpler? Nope! So get Tristing today!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

What Is The Best iPhone App To Find Nearby Restaurants?

This being New York City, there are thousands upon thousands of restaurants of every type in five boroughs. There are French restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Middle East, Indian – not to mention American! There’s practically a restaurant on every block, often more. But let’s say you’re in a part of the city where you’re not familiar with the restaurant scene. You could be taking someone special out for a romantic dinner, or perhaps entertaining a business client for lunch. So where do you turn? Your trusty iPhone, of course, but what is the best iPhone app to find nearby restaurants? Good question, since there are almost as many restaurant finding apps are there are restaurants in the Big Apple. But one stands out by a country mile. It’s called Trist, and once you use it, you’ll never use anything else again.

What makes Trist so special?

For one thing, it gives you information on the restaurants you’re looking at in real time. Seriously, 24/7/365. It can tell you about daily specials, any promotions the restaurants might be having, or any special events. It also has information on the food, the menu, the drinks, and what other diners think about the place. Compare that with other apps, which maybe update the information every couple of months – if that. And as you well know, a restaurant that may have been great just a short time ago, could have gone downhill in a big hurry. But how are you going to know that if you’re looking at stale information? That’s why you need Trist. And there’s more.

A lot more, in fact

If all Trist did was to give you the latest and most thorough information on restaurants, it would have done its job. But Trist goes a lot farther than that. For example, how about finding really great bars, pubs, and coffee shops? Trist can do that in the same thorough way it covers restaurants. Say you’re looking for a sports bar that has game day specials. Simply look it up on Trist. Or how about a coffee shop that serves an incredible French roast blend, with home-made bagels on the side. Trist will pinpoint it for you. You think that’s all? Nope, there’s still more.


Just about 24/7/365 there’s some kind of event taking place in NYC. There are concerts, ball games, museum showings, plays, cultural activities, and a host of other events. How do you keep track of them, and determine which ones you might be interested in? Well, you already know the answer to that -- Trist! If it’s happening in this city, Trist knows about it, and by pushing a few buttons, you can, too. It’s like having a personal guide and assistant in the palm of your iPhone hand. Seriously, it’s that great.

Go online and download it now!

Go to and download this great app for your iPhone now. It takes just seconds. You’re absolutely going to love this thing! Get Tristing!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

How Would I Find Nice Lunch Places Near Me?

I’m a relative newcomer to New York City, having moved from a small town in the Midwest. A big promotion to the home office! It’s great being here, but I’m still trying to learn the ways of the “locals”. But one thing I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around is how to find nice lunch places near me? I’m talking from both my work, and my apartment. Back home, it wasn’t much of a problem, since we only had three restaurants in town. But here in the Big Apple, there are thousands of restaurants of all types. Looking for sautéed yak? There’s probably a restaurant for that. How about a nice ostrich filet? Yup, you got it. But how about just a great hamburger with fries, in a restaurant that has lot of ambiance? Like, how do you find that? Well, a friend told me about a great new restaurant app called Trist, and boy, is it ever fantastic! It can’t even be compared to regular restaurant apps. Seriously!

Trist gives you a whole lot more than any other app

Any good restaurant app will give you the basics of the restaurants you’re checking out - type of food, menu, prices, and sometimes ratings. This is all well and good, but if you’re looking for a luncheon restaurant that serves the elusive best-hamburger-in-the-world, you’re not going to find it using a regular restaurant app. What you will find is a lot of advertising and hype. You’ll never get that with Trist. You simply put in your information and in a flash Trist will steer you to all the restaurants that meet your criteria. Plus, you’ll find information on specials, menus, the whole bit. The only problem you’ll have is making a decision which one to go to. You can see Trist reports in real time. All the information is fresh 24/7. If they posted a new special on the board five minutes ago, you’ll find it on Trist. Other apps may give you what the special was a month ago. Not exactly what you’re looking for.

And there’s more

Along with being the most up-to-date app for finding nice lunch places near me, Trist can also direct me to clubs, events, pubs, bars, coffee houses, and a whole lot more. Planning a special night out with that special person? Maybe a romantic Italian restaurant with great food, great ambiance, and generous drinks? Well, you could ask your friends for recommendations, but their taste may not be the same as yours. Or, you could look at a bunch of ads, but how many times have you been disappointed going to a well advertised place, only to find out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. With Trist, this is something you can put in your rear view mirror.

Here’s the thing

Trist is easy to download, easy to operate, and will simplify your dining and drinking options. Why? Because you tell it what you want, and it gets you there! Why not go to and check it out now!