Thursday, 8 October 2015

Looking for the Best Event Finder App for the Big Apple?

There are so many things going on in this city that it’s just about dizzying. There are sports, theater, museums, and cultural events galore. Then there are everything from wine tastings, to bowling tournaments, to concerts, rodeos, the circus, parades, and who knows what else. And don’t forget, in this city there are events going on 365 days a year. The problem is which ones would you like to attend, and how do you find about them in the first place? Well, you need the best app finder for local events. An app that will track down whatever it is you’re interested in and give you the information concisely, and up to the minute. What you need is the app that’s taking NYC by storm. It’s called Trist, the best event finder app in town. It’s easy to download and even easier to use. And once you do, you’ll never be without it.

What makes Trist so great?

For one thing it puts you in charge. Maybe you’re not too interested in going to a museum on Saturday afternoon, but you’d like to take in a folk music festival if one’s in town. No problem. Give Trist your criteria and it will go into action. If there’s a folk music festival going on, Trist will not only find it, but it will give you detailed information on who’s performing, the cost of tickets, plus time and location. Or perhaps you’re more interested in checking out any sports action that might be happening. Once again, Trist will cover you from soccer to swimming meets, plus anything else you might be interested in. And here’s the thing: Trist does it in real time, 24/7. The information you’ll find on Trist isn’t dated and old, it’s up to the minute. If it says something is happening, you’d better believe it! Is this the best event finder app ever? You bet it is!

And there’s more

If all Trist did was to find events, it would be worth its weight in gold. But events are just the beginning. Let’s say after Trist finds you the events you’ve been looking for, you decide you’d like to go out for dinner, or perhaps go to a bar or pub, maybe even go clubbing. Just turn to Trist and put in your criteria. Say you’d like some Italian cuisine. Trist will give you a number of options. It will also give you information on menus, prices, specials, and ratings. Again, unlike other apps, the information you’ll find on Trist is fresh, not outdated. Other apps may have information on there that’s weeks, or maybe months old. Not a good thing!

Here’s the thing to do

Go to and get the full story on this remarkable, versatile, event finder app. It will save you time, aggravation, and a whole lot more. Downloading takes just seconds, and then you’ll have everything that’s going on in New York City in the palm of your hand. Could anything be simpler? Nope! So get Tristing today!


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