Thursday, 24 September 2015

What Is The Best iPhone App To Find Nearby Restaurants?

This being New York City, there are thousands upon thousands of restaurants of every type in five boroughs. There are French restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Middle East, Indian – not to mention American! There’s practically a restaurant on every block, often more. But let’s say you’re in a part of the city where you’re not familiar with the restaurant scene. You could be taking someone special out for a romantic dinner, or perhaps entertaining a business client for lunch. So where do you turn? Your trusty iPhone, of course, but what is the best iPhone app to find nearby restaurants? Good question, since there are almost as many restaurant finding apps are there are restaurants in the Big Apple. But one stands out by a country mile. It’s called Trist, and once you use it, you’ll never use anything else again.

What makes Trist so special?

For one thing, it gives you information on the restaurants you’re looking at in real time. Seriously, 24/7/365. It can tell you about daily specials, any promotions the restaurants might be having, or any special events. It also has information on the food, the menu, the drinks, and what other diners think about the place. Compare that with other apps, which maybe update the information every couple of months – if that. And as you well know, a restaurant that may have been great just a short time ago, could have gone downhill in a big hurry. But how are you going to know that if you’re looking at stale information? That’s why you need Trist. And there’s more.

A lot more, in fact

If all Trist did was to give you the latest and most thorough information on restaurants, it would have done its job. But Trist goes a lot farther than that. For example, how about finding really great bars, pubs, and coffee shops? Trist can do that in the same thorough way it covers restaurants. Say you’re looking for a sports bar that has game day specials. Simply look it up on Trist. Or how about a coffee shop that serves an incredible French roast blend, with home-made bagels on the side. Trist will pinpoint it for you. You think that’s all? Nope, there’s still more.


Just about 24/7/365 there’s some kind of event taking place in NYC. There are concerts, ball games, museum showings, plays, cultural activities, and a host of other events. How do you keep track of them, and determine which ones you might be interested in? Well, you already know the answer to that -- Trist! If it’s happening in this city, Trist knows about it, and by pushing a few buttons, you can, too. It’s like having a personal guide and assistant in the palm of your iPhone hand. Seriously, it’s that great.

Go online and download it now!

Go to and download this great app for your iPhone now. It takes just seconds. You’re absolutely going to love this thing! Get Tristing!


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