Thursday, 10 September 2015

How Would I Find Nice Lunch Places Near Me?

I’m a relative newcomer to New York City, having moved from a small town in the Midwest. A big promotion to the home office! It’s great being here, but I’m still trying to learn the ways of the “locals”. But one thing I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around is how to find nice lunch places near me? I’m talking from both my work, and my apartment. Back home, it wasn’t much of a problem, since we only had three restaurants in town. But here in the Big Apple, there are thousands of restaurants of all types. Looking for sautéed yak? There’s probably a restaurant for that. How about a nice ostrich filet? Yup, you got it. But how about just a great hamburger with fries, in a restaurant that has lot of ambiance? Like, how do you find that? Well, a friend told me about a great new restaurant app called Trist, and boy, is it ever fantastic! It can’t even be compared to regular restaurant apps. Seriously!

Trist gives you a whole lot more than any other app

Any good restaurant app will give you the basics of the restaurants you’re checking out - type of food, menu, prices, and sometimes ratings. This is all well and good, but if you’re looking for a luncheon restaurant that serves the elusive best-hamburger-in-the-world, you’re not going to find it using a regular restaurant app. What you will find is a lot of advertising and hype. You’ll never get that with Trist. You simply put in your information and in a flash Trist will steer you to all the restaurants that meet your criteria. Plus, you’ll find information on specials, menus, the whole bit. The only problem you’ll have is making a decision which one to go to. You can see Trist reports in real time. All the information is fresh 24/7. If they posted a new special on the board five minutes ago, you’ll find it on Trist. Other apps may give you what the special was a month ago. Not exactly what you’re looking for.

And there’s more

Along with being the most up-to-date app for finding nice lunch places near me, Trist can also direct me to clubs, events, pubs, bars, coffee houses, and a whole lot more. Planning a special night out with that special person? Maybe a romantic Italian restaurant with great food, great ambiance, and generous drinks? Well, you could ask your friends for recommendations, but their taste may not be the same as yours. Or, you could look at a bunch of ads, but how many times have you been disappointed going to a well advertised place, only to find out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. With Trist, this is something you can put in your rear view mirror.

Here’s the thing

Trist is easy to download, easy to operate, and will simplify your dining and drinking options. Why? Because you tell it what you want, and it gets you there! Why not go to and check it out now!


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