Monday, 9 November 2015

Using an App to Find Nearby Coffee Shops

Are you new in town and trying to find a coffee shop? Just use Trist. Here’s how this coffee shop locator app helps you quickly find nearby coffee shops.

Trist uses your location

Trist is able to use your phone’s GPS location to find all of the coffee shops that are near you. You can then look through all of these places until you find the right coffee shop for you.

Trist has reviews of coffee shops

Once you have your list of coffee shops in the neighborhood, you should then look at user reviews. These reviews will help you decide if the coffee shop has the beverages that you’re looking for. You can also use the app’s comparison feature to compare the reviews of three coffee shops at once.

Trist offers information about coffee shop amenities

If you’re looking for a specific amenity in a coffee shop, check the coffee shop’s page. On this page, Trist lists if the coffee shop has Wi-Fi, if it’s good for kids, if they only take cash, and more. Trist has the answers to all of your questions.

Trist guides you to the coffee shop

After you decide on your coffee shop, Trist’s built-in locator will guide you right to the place’s front door. Before you know it, you’ll be in your chosen coffee shop, sipping on a delicious beverage. And remember to leave your footprint—this will show your friends that you were here.

Trist allows you to list favorite venues

If you liked the coffee shop, you can add it to your Trist List. This list lets you keep all of your favorite venues in one easy-to-reach location.

With Trist, you can easily find the closest coffee place. You’ll always make the right decision about where you’re getting your coffee when you use Trist.


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