Friday, 27 November 2015

An Event Finder App That’s Perfect for the Holidays and Any Day

Getting out and enjoying social activities is perfect for the holiday season, but it is also a very healthy activity for any time of the year.  Meeting friends or even finding new people at events can help you to overcome boredom and depression, and it just makes life a little bit easier. But finding some social activities can be more difficult. Using an event finder app can help you locate events and make plans for some social fun!

The Trist event finder app has many great features to get you out and about whenever you like:
  • Geo-location to find events that are near your location or near the place you will be traveling
  • Insider information on the venue including parking options, traffic, attendance, special features and more
  • News and special announcements about the event such as featured acts or last minute changes
  • Social media insights on people attending such as number of “likes”, trending subjects and more
  • Reviews about the venue and the event to give you an idea on what to expect
  • Start times and featured activities during the event, such as when the main attraction will begin
  • Weather information for the event so you will know how to dress and plan
  • Information on any entry fees or parking fees associated with the activity
  • Quick links to the event web site to register or buy tickets
  • Easy to use one-stop app gives you everything you need to decide on your activity and go have fun!

What if you would like to grab a quick bite or relax before or after the event?  Trist has the answer with a coffee shop finder app so you can have a nice warm sip of java before your social activities, and some quiet time after all the fun.

Trist delivers a great way to get out and socialize for the holidays or any time of the year!


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