Monday, 4 August 2014

Make New Friends the Easy Way

It can be hard to meet new people or form new connections. There are so many people out there that it is easy to be lost in the hustle and bustle of life. However, what if something could change that? What if making new friends became super easy? Luckily, it can be.

Trist is a location insights app that provides an easy, safe way to connect with like-minded people in the world today. This app uses a special algorithm to produce real information about the gender mix, average age, and income range of people in the hip locations around town. Trist can even show you which locations are the trendiest. This information can help you to know where to go to meet others who are similar to you, which means far less awkward encounters with people who don’t understand you. The photo-sharing features in Trist can also give you a better idea of what type of people are at the locations you’re interested in and even what the location itself looks like.

Moreover, if you’re bad with directions, don’t worry. Trist has built-in compass-enabled navigation that can easily help you get from place to place without the worry of being lost. As Trist is a mobile app with the latest in the moment data, you will never have to worry about being behind the times. Trist will tell you wherever the crowd you’re interested in is going, so you can move with them and have more fun with more friends. Other location apps may provide addresses and even consumer ratings or reviews, but they do not have the real-time, in-depth data that Trist provides. Meeting people and making new friends using Trist is easy and simple. So, stop simply thinking about wanting to meet new people. Instead, go out there and do it.


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