Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Simplify Your Calendar

So many people are busy these days, but is anyone really having a good time?  The crowded calendar may look like a good status symbol to some, but actually having so much to do and so many places to go can stretch you too thin. It is time to simply your calendar, specifically your social calendar.

When it comes to an active social life, lots of people spend time hopping from one place to the next trying to find the ideal hot spot. The idea of a great hot spot is different for every person. Some people may enjoy a great sports bar, while others may want a quiet jazz location. In any case, jumping from one location to the next will waste time and energy without giving you the real bang for your social dollar.

Using a location insights app can help you to simplify your calendar while also keeping you in the loop on the most interesting places to visit.

• Know about a new restaurant before your friends
• Find out where all the action is based on your unique preferences
• Meet new people and mingle with friends
• Reduce time spent looking for the best place

A location insights app combines enormous amounts of data from social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. It also uses traffic information, weather, and other website data to compile a list of recommended hot spots just for you. You can now find out in just a few swipes which bar has the most females in your age range or which restaurant has a big event that everyone is attending.

Using a location insights app will simplify your calendar because you no longer have to block time to jump from one place to the next – just click and you are good to go.


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