Sunday, 4 January 2015

Event Places NYC that Meet Visitors’ Choices

Event places in NYC are a dime a dozen so how can a person know for sure what they are getting into? Simple. They download Trist the location insights app. With Trist people can see how many guys are there, how many women, how many people in the same tax range...things that build a sense of community. This helps people determine where they want to go in New York City when they want to hear music, grab a beer, or just need a cup of coffee to get them going in the morning. It’s also the most reliable way to find event places in NYC.

Event Venues NYC

It doesn’t have to be a big venue to be a big success in New York City. It’s all about performing for the crowd and that goes for crowds of 15 to 15,000 to 150,000. So choosing an event space means going for the location of the crowd. Looking at Trist data can help event planners plan the best soiree possible because they got the location right.

Feeling Safe
People want to feel safe when they go to an event. They want to feel like they can safely walk away from their car and its belongings. To feel like they can have a drink or two at the event and not have to worry about being accosted on the way home. That’s what choosing a location is all about. Because once people feel safe they start to feel comfortable and that’s when they enjoy themselves the most.

Be the best event planner and get a location insights app. The best event attendee with a location insights app. It works both ways. Get the best of both deals with Trist when looking for event places in NYC.


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