Thursday, 19 March 2015

Venues near Me that Offer the Best Coffee

Coffee is one of those things in life that is absolutely necessary. The day simply cannot start without the warm and comforting liquid pouring down your throat. Coffee gives you energy and there is something about the first cup of coffee in the morning that is just reassuring—every time. The only thing that can ruin this daily ritual is getting a bad cup of coffee. This is a reality you don’t want to face. If you are wondering, “where are the coffee venues near me in NYC?” then look no farther.

Box Kite Coffee: While the flavor of coffee is always a top consideration, the presentation of the coffee can sometimes be just as important. Box Kite Coffee offers an appealing layout and ambient atmosphere.

Intelligentsia: Put a more upscale twist on your cup of coffee. Intelligentsia offers Chicago style coffee and delicious pastries—all while enjoying a brilliant view of the city outside.

Café Grumpy: Café Grumpy is perfect for the grab-it-and-go sort of cup. Located in Brooklyn, this café holds an in-house bakery that can quench you appetite while filling your caffeine fix.

Crema BK: When you are looking for a specialized cup of coffee, Crema BK is the place for you. This venue has perfected the cold cup of coffee and will serve you an espresso shop that will leave you craving for more.

I Am Coffee: The description is in the name. I Am Coffee is all about their coffee. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and don’t miss the daily specials.

Find the Best Venues Easier

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