Thursday, 16 April 2015

It’s Friday Night. You Want To Go Out, Meet New People, And Have Fun. You Need A Restaurant Locator

Seriously? A restaurant locator? This is New York City. The Big Apple.Everyone knows where the best restaurants are, right? The fun hot spots? Where the in crowd goes? Wrong! There are close to 17,000 full service restaurants and another 2,700 bars and pubs in NYC. And here you thought you knew all of them. Well, sorry about that. But what’s all this restaurant locator stuff about? Glad you asked.

First, don’t confuse a restaurant locator with an ordinary restaurant-rating app.

They don’t have much in common. A rating app will tell you if the ratatouille is up to par, if the bar serves skimpy drinks, or if the wait-staff is pleasant and accommodating. Now, these are very important things, but you’ll get the same information from a restaurant locator app. So what makes a restaurant locator better, and why should you get one? Because you get a whole lot more.

Let’s set the scene for Friday evening.

You’ve been waiting all week to go out, maybe have a great steak, a few drinks, and chat it up, while making some new friends. Someone told you a hot spot was Fred Flinstone’s Bar & Grill. OK, it’s worth a try. You go there, it looks good from the outside, but when you get in you find you’re the only person under the age of 75. And they’re arguing about a play in a Red Sox-Yankee game that took place before you were born. Another thing, it’s also 95% men and you were hoping maybe you could strike up a conversation with some attractive females around your own age. Well, looks like this Friday night is pretty much shot up. But, there’s always Saturday night!

Let’s reset the scene to Saturday evening.

Discouraged, but not defeated by Friday’s adventure, you log on to a restaurant app called Trist. You look for restaurants and bars in the area. And there you are…a bunch of them come up. You find an Italian restaurant that looks good. The lounge is comfortable, and then comes the surprise: the app will tell you how many females (or males as the case might be) are there, and how many are in your age range. We absolutely, positively, would not kid you about this. And get this … it does it in real time! In other words it tells you what the playing field looks like, before you even leave the locker room. Is this not some kind of miracle app, or what?

You really need to get this app – like today!

Trist is really a great tool to use anytime to help you get more fun out of your free time. It helps you find great food and drinks in great places, meet new people, and simply kick back and enjoy. Isn’t that sort of what weekends (and some week nights!) are all about? You bet! Bon appétit!


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