Thursday, 10 July 2014

All the Hot Spots

Do you ever feel that you don’t know what restaurant to recommend or dance club to go to? It can be embarrassing, especially if you have lived in the area for a long time. People ask the locals because they want to know the deal, the real scoop on a place. Now when you are asked what you recommend, you can show people your Insights App, which gives real-time information about all the hot spots in town.

Look Before You Go

Are you stuck between a few places to go for the night? You and your friends are trying to determine if it’s worth the time to go to this bar or that bar. How do you decide? Well, you can flip a coin but that is not information about what the bar itself is doing. An Insights App like Trist can show you pictures of the bar in real time, give you a gender ratio, and tell you if there is a long line to get in or to get a drink. Now, you and your friends can make an informed decision.

Choose a Spot for Business

Where you go on a date is different than the place you would recommend for a business meeting. If you want to look like a smart employee, then you will know the right place to recommend. How will you do that? With your Insights App. You will be able to see who is there right now, for example, if it a business crowd or a bunch of teenagers skipping school, and the general atmosphere of the restaurant.

Finding all the hot spots becomes easier when all the information you know is in the palm of your hand. Be the person who knows where to go and more people will start looking to you for the latest place to go.


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