Thursday, 3 July 2014

Find a New Friend

Finding people to hangout with can be hard, especially if a person is new to the area. Where is the best bar to meet singles? Where should couples go for a good time? Is the new restaurant worth trying out? If only there was an App to help with all that, there is an App for that. An 'advanced location insights app' can help you determine where to hang your hat and who to dance with any night of the week. It isn’t just for party goers, but for people seriously interested in meeting like-minded individuals.

Make Friends Easier

It can be hard to make friends. Luckily, the Internet has provided several ways to get to know a person before you ever meet first hand, but when you do finally meet, where do you go? This can be hard for any number of reasons. Perhaps, you are new to the area, maybe a little shy, or to the other extreme, maybe you have been kicked out of everywhere else you know. When it is time for a change, it’s time to get serious about where you roam.

Additionally, it’s lonely being a group of one, or even two or three. Building a strong friend base has been scientifically proven to helping people live longer. Moreover, there is the old adage, “your network is your networth.” Go where the people are and you are bound to make at least a few new friends. It may seem intimidating at first, but that is why you have your insights App, so that you can start to figure out most of the variables.

See Who Is Around

A 'locations insights app' is designed to help users arrive at the best possible location using real time information about gender, age, and even income range using a simple, yet secret algorithm. Use the app that offers photo sharing, so you can get better insights into the features and vibe of a place. This may sound too high tech or materialistic for a science fiction novel, but is it really?

Facebook, Yelp, and other pages have used the 'location' feature for years now, as people gladly 'check in' to locations. An app that accumulates and evaluates that data in real time is the best chance you have to finding the hippest place in town. Look for an App that has real time information and photo swapping capabilities. Yelp probably has a review saying the 'place was hopping' but that was three months ago, so how accurate can it be tonight?

Other sites and apps will offer past reviews of places and that is good for a background check, but when you want to know what’s going on right now, you need to get an insights App. With a real time information swap, you do not have to rely on old comments or last year’s photos. Making friends just got a whole lot easier, so what are you waiting for? Go make a friend or two today.


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