Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Easiest Way to Know Where to Hear Good Music in New York City

People eager to hear good music, have plenty of options in New York City. Options range from a Broadway show to an acoustic performance at Radio City Music Hall, in addition to a plethora of music venues both big and small. When people travel to New York City they want to do local activities to get the local flavor and for New York that means live music. Music that can start as early as the afternoon and run all the way until 2 O’clock in the morning. So with those many options how should a person choose where to hear good music in NYC?

Location Insights App

When there are so many different music venues to choose from in New York City it can be hard to narrow it all down by hand. The yellow pages certainly are no help. They list the names of Union Hall, The Delancey, Otto’s Shrunken Head, and The Bitter End, but they mention no details about these places, e.g., who is performing there, what is going on, and what kind of drink is served best there, among other information.


A location insights app will tell a smartphone user which music venues are in their area and what is going on there. Trist has information about how many women are there, how many men, their socio-economic situation, and even the weather report for the area; so users will know which stylish umbrella to bring along.

By having a location insights app like Trist people can find the best music in New York City. The locations can be narrowed down by folk, punk, rock, r&b, and even rap. This way people can hear the music they want to hear and have a great night in New York City in their personal best music venue.


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