Thursday, 13 November 2014

Make the Most of Your Time during Weekends in Exciting Hangouts

Typically, out of the 7 days in a week, 5 of those days are spent being exhausted and overworked. That leaves only 2 days that can be used for letting loose and having fun. With such limited time, these days are not to be wasted. That being said, how do you know how you should spend your time on the weekends? Trying out every new hangout you hear about can get old, especially when you have to sort through all the duds.  And you definitely don’t want to waste your time by staying in for the weekend. That’s why you need the navigation insights app called Trist. Trist sorts through all the duds for you and leaves you with a list of only the best hangouts in your city. You can go out without the fear of ending up somewhere lame.

Find the Right Path

Going to a boring hangout is not the only way that a weekend night can be ruined. There is also the worry of getting lost and spending your night walking in circles and getting nowhere. Directions can be very confusing when lost within the never-ending cycle of roads that compose a city. Luckily, the Trist app won’t let this happen to you. Trist uses compass-enabled navigation to provide you with a step-by-step route to follow. You will be sure to find your destination with minimal confusion or headaches.

Spark a Connection

Trist’s suggestion for hangouts takes more than just the trends into consideration. Trist uses a unique algorithm that can tell you what types of people will be hanging out in the different locations. So, you will be able to choose where you spend your night based on the types of people you will have more fun spending time with. You will be able to make new friends and start new conversation without fear of being shot down.


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