Thursday, 30 October 2014

Connect to the Right People the Right Way

Meeting new people can be intimidating and scary. You don’t want to put yourself out there just to be shut down or rejected. But you also don’t want to remain in a standstill—making no new connections and meeting no new friends. You need to find a place that is filled with people similar to you who you are more likely to click with. That is why you need the Trist navigation insights app. The Trist app uses an advanced algorithm to determine what types of people will be spending times in what locations. You’ll be able to pick a hangout with like-minded people who you are more likely to get along with. Meeting someone new could be one app away.

Find the Right Hangouts

After you know what types of people will be in certain spots, you will also want to know which of those locations will be the most fun for your time. The last thing you want to do is waste your weekend. Trist can also tell you where the best places to go on a Friday or Saturday night are. You will be able to go out with confidence that you will have a good time in the best place possible.

Follow the Right Trends

Once you are going out spending time in the town, you don’t want to get left behind in the flow. Trends in the cities are always changing and the bar that was cool yesterday could be out tomorrow. Exploring new places and always keeping up with the trendiest hangouts will be sure to give you the most fun. But, it could also be a lot of unnecessary work. Luckily, the Trist app can save you the trouble. Trist uses real time data to follow what is trending and even pre-trending. You will know before anyone else where the next cool place will be.


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