Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Make your Business Trip to New York City a Cruise

It is time for the big trip to New York City. The boss has given the go-ahead and this can be what turns around that stalled career. Yeah, the pressure is on. But that is OK because you have a smartphone. And on that smartphone is a location insights app called Trist. Trist tells users where and when to go to places so they are always in the know and never left behind.

A Business Lunch Special

One of the big parts of a business trip is the meals. Knowing where to eat is a very important part of any trip, but especially when you are treating clients. Do not take a client to a place they cannot afford (don’t want to demean them) and don’t take them to a place that is below your and their paygrade (get the choice right).

By using a location insights app, people can find the best place to take someone for a business lunch and without wasting any time. The app gives the most up to the date information in an instant to their users. Trist users can know where to go and when the best time is to go there so they never have to be the one that doesn’t know what’s up.

How it Works

A location insights app works based on each user’s location. Its recommendations are a compilation of a variety of sources that can even tell the user how many people are at a restaurant and how many are men and how many are women. That may seem like a spooky feature but it comes in handy more than not.

Using an app to help with the business trip to New York City is a good idea. It makes sure your stomach is full so you can get the job done. And then you can party with the client and boss to celebrate landing the big deal.


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