Friday, 3 October 2014

Going to NYC for the Holidays

Thinking of taking a trip to New York City for the holidays? What’s stopping you? It has never been a better time to travel and upon arrival you will know exactly where to go, thanks to a location insights app. A location insights app uses a person’s smartphone to track down their location and then give them the best references on where to eat, shop, rest, or have a drink after the long flight.

Holiday Fun

Taking the family to New York City for the holidays is going to be a treat for everyone, especially since the location insights app is going to point in the right direction of where to go. Need a place for just mom and dad? Want to take the kids to a Broadway show? All the New York City happenings and locations are on the map for a location insights app like Trist.

When traveling for the holidays, make sure to do the following:

● Make a reservation at a hotel
● Buy Broadway tickets ahead of time
● Pick up any necessary travelers’ checks
● Have a broad agenda for each day

How It Works?

A location insights app pulls its data from satellites and other collectors of data. It can tell how many women are at a certain location, how many men, what their annual income is, how long they have been there, and if there are any pictures from the day or night. It gives so much information that you will definitely enjoy your NYC trip.

Download the app today and go ahead and get started on the plans for New York City during the holidays. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it’s time to get things settled and sorted out.


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